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Legal services:

I. Registration:

Of legal entities of different organizational forms, joint ventures, representative offices and subsidiaries of foreign firms;

individual entrepreneurs;

associations (NGOs and civil unions);

reorganization and liquidation of all forms of ownership;

drafting constituent documents, amendments, legal analysis of existing constituent documents of different enterprises, obtaining statements, excerpts and references from EDRPOU, manufacturing of seals and stamps;

registration for VAT and single tax.

II. Legal support:

drafting legal documents (contracts, agreements, protocols, claims, lawsuits, complaints, etc.);

providing oral and written legal consultations, advice and legal opinions;

Legal check of documents;

Audit of economic activity;

Support during tax audits and other checks conducted by regulatory authorities; administrative and judicial review of their decisions;

representation and protection of rights and interests of clients in law enforcement agencies(state prosecution, police, state fiscal service, the security service);

obtaining licenses, permits, providing legal support during registration of trademarks for goods and services, patents, inventions, etc;

representing clients during meetings and talks on various aspects of business;

legal support for contracts of sale, exchange, lease and other contracts dealing with real estate;

legal review of documents related to real estate transactions, participation in negotiations, preparation of project documents and others.

III. Litigation:

representation and protection of rights and interests of clients in courts of all jurisdictions in solving various disputes, including:

Civil disputes (division of property, recognition of property rights, copyright and intellectual property protection, family, employment, housing, inheritance, land disputes and other disputes);

commercial disputes (collection of debt, damages, disputes concerning the conclusion and implementation of commercial agreements, recognition of contracts as null and void, corporate disputes, etc.)

administrative disputes (appeal against the actions and decisions of regulatory bodies, state authorities, etc.);

III.I. Taking criminal cases:

- Protection of citizens under preliminary investigation;

- Protection of citizens in the trial of criminal cases at various stages of the proceedings.

III.II. Taking administrative cases:

- The imposition of administrative fines and other sanctions (confiscation of the subject of criminal activity - vehicles, goods, other property).

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